Real Estate for Girls

I’m hosting a Meetup with Real Estate for Girls What you’ll learn in just an hour!–> How do I start my search & what happens next? In a relaxed setting where every question is welcomed and answered by Carrie & Christine. Advertisements

Women and Money

Since my phone and I are attached at the thumbs, I try to use that weakness to my advantage to get helpful tips via email that will some day help me to grow my personal wealth. Or at least make me feel more aware of all the things I am NOT doing to grow my […]

Construction Chic…

Construction Chic….

Real Estate for Girls

Where can a girl go to start her search for real estate? Other than spending wee hours of the night online, where are the answers to the most commonly asked questions? How do you find a knowledgable agent/loan officer you can trust? Well sista, let me tell you! I started a MeetUp Group in Los […]