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Midcentury Mexico City inspires my house

Mexico City was not on my mid century architecture radar. But around every corner, residential and business districts, flat roofs and boxy shapes popped out in bold color from under bougainvillea and graffiti. The bold color gives off the best energy. A month before I left for this trip, I was debating whether I should […]

Open house 2012 Retrospective

Weekly home tours are a perk of being a Los Angeles realtor. With 2012 coming to a close, I realized my I Phone was full of photos from a year’s worth of open houses and pre-views in and around Los Angeles. Erasing all the photos seemed liked a shame and a waste of an insider’s […]

Modern Landscape Idea

Mid-century Monday! I am inspired by this photo every time I see it, so I’m sharing it with you to share the inspiration. I know it’s unusual, but that’s exactly what I love about it. Most yards and interiors are overly masculine with square rooms and linear furniture. This design can change all that… Circular […]

3333 Ione Dr

Hidden Mid Century waiting with views. 3 bed 2 baths $825,000 818)384-7532

2735 hollyridge Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Monday – 3600 Fletcher Dr

For Sale 3600 Fletcher Dr, Los Angeles 2Bedroom 1.2 B Offered at $795,000 This unique home boosts one of the most original modern designs on the market. Every detail and finish is a modern lovers dream. Solar panels make this city block wide home energy efficient. Perfect for a live/work space.   Also available for […]

Mid Century Monday

3727 Evans St, Los Angeles 90027 Offered at $749,000. 2B/2b This mid century really has it all. Easy location with all the views. Beautiful architectural details and terraces perfect for entertaining and garden space. If you’d like to your this home or any other and are not represented by an agent please call Carrie 818-384-7532 […]

1104 Magnolia For Lease

Open for business. This commercial space is so perfect for a hip restaurant or indie business. Big windows angle out and draw you in. If you’d like to tour this property or any other and are not represented by an agent please call Carrie 818-384-7532 Dre# 01909311

Better Shelter in Atwater Village

Offered at $649,000 3358 La Clede Ave If you’d like to tour inside this home or any others please call Carrie Diaz 818-384-7532 VonKeith Properties Dre 01909311 Listing courtesy of Courtney Poulos