Downtown Creative Work Space

More and more downtown LA is the place to be for live and work. As the garment industry sends more and more manufacturing over seas, many buildings are opening up their many floors to creative and business minded professionals. The views are great, you have your pick of new restaurants for lunch, and many tenant […]

Backyard Teepee

Fun in the backyard. 3 generations enjoying what a few branches can make. Carrie Diaz is a Los Angeles realtor who has an eye for the best real estate. She is an LA native who specializes in a fully catered and custom experience for every client. She is part of a local team of experts, […]

New York still stuck on you

On 5th Ave, a brisk cold day in March, “licking the windows”, as they say in Paris! I love that the city’s architecture is caught in the glare. A must for me for every NYC visit in my future will be a stop into Trash and Vaudeville in the East Village on St. Mark’s. said […]

Bobs Big Boy Burbank

Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank was a surprise stop on our walk…that’s one bonus of living in Burbank. A larger than life landmark like the Bob’s Big Boy statue can be a surprise bonus on the treasure map you make with your son one day. Don’t you draw treasure maps? One can get pretty creative […]

The Getty-A Family Place in Los Angeles

When you’re thinking of places to take a 4 year old for the day, The Getty may not be the first place to come to mind, especially if you have rowdy boys. Just the thought of toppling porcelain was enough to keep me far away until last week. Clyde’s break from school is wrapping up, […]

Wordless Wednesday, Lowe’s DIY