Thinking about Yellow? I did





The wall doesn’t go all the way up. It’s at the top of a staircase that only I use to get to my bedroom. The color is very loud, but it’s used sparingly as a secret ray of sunshine as you walk by.
Color gives that otherwise overlooked corner of the house some architectural interest. Now it’s our private modern art museum on the landing.
If you want to see the before and during pictures.
click here
Finishing took longer than just one day because lil’C decided to scratch pictures into the drying second coat. I had JUST enough to finish and had to scrape the can for more to paint over his impromptu art.
I guess the yellow inspired his creativity! I’ll take that as a good sign I made the right choice to go bold with this accent wall. Enjoy! And share if you decide to leap into yellow at your place.


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