Midcentury Mexico City inspires my house


Mexico City was not on my mid century architecture radar. But around every corner, residential and business districts, flat roofs and boxy shapes popped out in bold color from under bougainvillea and graffiti. The bold color gives off the best energy. A month before I left for this trip, I was debating whether I should paint part of my bedroom hallway or not. Well, it’s been 2 days since I got back from Mexico City. The painting has already begun.


Actually color is Squash by Behr



Painting supplies are never out of reach in our house!


Huge graffiti walls seem to decorate the city instead of deter from it.



“Mini Me C” helps me to decide which wall to paint…


Canal ride in Xotomilco is bursting with neon color and mariachi music, for a price.


Metepec courtyard. Where the colors seem to be an exact embodiment of the heat beating down on me that day.


We used paint left over from our laundry room door project.


Store front called Trouve, which is French for found.



Diego Rivera mural.


Cineteca where old films are restored.


Streetside pop of pink


Even nature adds bold color with purple flowered trees.


Museum with Mexican craft that is still going strong and modernly beautiful in all of its practicality.



I’ll post the “After” when we’re done later this week. I think this inspiration is the best souvenir, thank you Mexico City!

The “after” pictures! See it!
Carrie Diaz is a Los Angeles realtor who has an eye for the best real estate. She is an LA native who specializes in a fully catered and custom experience for every client.
She is part of a local team of experts, VonKeith Properties, with decades of experience in Burbank, LosFeliz, SilverLake, TolucaLake, EagleRock, Atwater, and Hollywood. Carrie.Diaz@VonKeithProperties.com



  1. Sandra Jordan says:

    Wow. Beautiful color and photography. The purple trees are probably jacaranda. Check the Sunset garden book. You might be able to plant one in Burbank to have another souvenir de Mexico. :-). xo

    Sent from my iPad

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