Color block Chair DIY 6 steps

Before Found this chair in the alley. Had to rescue it for it was meant for greater things. The dump is no place for useable furniture. Oops! My real estate magazines get put to work masking off the chair for color block. 6 seasy steps Sand Prime Spray accent color Tape off Spray body color […]

3 flower ideas for $16

1. Make wilting flowers new again $0. Just pluck off blooms that haven’t shriveled up and pop them into a shallow bowl, or dish of water. I used my nana’s vintage glass ashtray. Brass bookends are an estate sale find. And book was a gift from Mr. C. 2. Mix 2 bouquets of Trader Joe […]

Thinking about Yellow? I did

The wall doesn’t go all the way up. It’s at the top of a staircase that only I use to get to my bedroom. The color is very loud, but it’s used sparingly as a secret ray of sunshine as you walk by. Color gives that otherwise overlooked corner of the house some architectural interest. […]

Midcentury Mexico City inspires my house

Mexico City was not on my mid century architecture radar. But around every corner, residential and business districts, flat roofs and boxy shapes popped out in bold color from under bougainvillea and graffiti. The bold color gives off the best energy. A month before I left for this trip, I was debating whether I should […]

Downtown Creative Work Space

More and more downtown LA is the place to be for live and work. As the garment industry sends more and more manufacturing over seas, many buildings are opening up their many floors to creative and business minded professionals. The views are great, you have your pick of new restaurants for lunch, and many tenant […]