Before and after Black n Blue

The story goes that I wanted to paint my house black about 6 years ago. Such a bold statement didn’t sit well with the rest of the family, so we settled on a very neutral tan. The complete opposite of bold.

Once all the drought tolerant landscaping went in, there wasn’t enough contrast between gravel and house. I felt like our house became invisible. It was time for a change. Time to go bold.

I love it. I raised my resale value by adding perceived value to the property with a great first impression, as well as actual value of new paint.

my 3 Realtor Tips how I made money on my house while I saved money…

1. Join forces with neighbors-multiple jobs on one block can mean lower bids for everyone.

2. Ask what trim colors the painters may already have. If they don’t have to buy a new “special” white, many will not charge for using a backstock color they have since it’s already been paid for.
3. Be selective. By keeping some parts of the house, steps, and doors their previous colors, I cut my cost in half while making the paint job look custom.

With these saving strategies, my house has increased in value and looks especially cool with a customized paint job that no one else will have.


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