Before and after. White is the new black


Going from black to white has done
More for my mood than for the house I think. We see this big garage door from the bustling kitchen. A constant dose of black is a sub-conscience downer I’m just realizing today, as white takes over.
Instead of absorbing the light, this big surface reflects the California sunshine onto daily meals and morning coffee.

I’ll continue to get better at daily posts so you can see the progress of this huge recoloring of my house!

Out with the old cuz white is the new black.



  1. Sandra Jordan says:

    Very nice! It’s also remarkable how much impact a garage door can have. Every time we pull in the driveway, we are so glad we finally upgraded ours. And…you and Carl will be pleased to know that today we finalized our new floor schedule with our guy, Jon Shoemaker…Terry’s son in law. Small town. :-). His crew will deliver the wood on March 15, so that it can cure in our living room for a couple of weeks. After that, another three weeks to complete the work. We will need to be out of the house for about six days in early April and thought perhaps we could visit you for that week. Let me know if that will work for you. Hugs , Sandy

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