How to Rope Finials Before and After

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with nautical knots; it’s a life long thing actually. So, recently I decided to add the monkey fist to my decor as finials in my bedroom. Turns out sailors have many talents because
tricky, albeit useful, knot tying must be one of them. After researching how to monkey fist knot, I shied away from trying the skill myself. I’m so crafty I thought, buying rope and tennis balls from Lowe’s and Target. I can totally tie some knots, this is gonna look amazing.

I do love my new finials and I think the result is amazing, a monkey fist simplified to a simple spiral. Making 3 pairs was an afternoon DIY lil C could help me with and it was so much fun that I don’t even care about failing on the more complicated knot!
How to:
1-Start by measuring 4 even lines radiating from a point on the ball. You’re basically cutting open an “x”. The ball will kick out a little poof of air. Try not to get offended each time a tennis ball toots in your face during this project…because they will…every time.



TIP: ping pong and wipphle balls can be used for different sizes. These might be harder to cut. Different size, color, and textured rope is available at the hardware store.
2-Then mark a dot exactly opposite the hole. Best way is to force the ball onto finial and stand upright. Then mark. TIP: eyeballing while holding in your hand doesn’t work!
3-Anchor the end with glue and start winding the rope around. Pull snuggly as you go, being careful not to tug so hard that the rope buckles or pulls away from the tennis ball.
TIP: a dime instead of your finger works great to hold down the spot while the hot glue dries


4- Keep winding and applying glue in a continuous spiral. Push the cord onto the ball and into the row of rope below it as you go.
5-Use clear tape on the end when you’ve covered all the green and are ready to tuck the end into the little gap against the finial. Wrap the tape around and cut in the middle of the piece.

This will leave the other side of the rope ready to start your next finial without unraveling.
Done! Let the admiration of your handy knot rope finialbegin.




Total Cost:
$2.50 ea tube of 3 balls x2=$5
$4 bundle of rope= $9

    i had the rest if the supplies
    Less than $10 for 6 rope finials! This goes into my file for: Pretty good way to have a successful open house with polishing touches on your decor. And a simple way to make the bedroom look high end. Buyers like houses that have style and details like this will make your house stand out after buyers have seen many over the course of a day of open houses.



  1. Sandra Jordan says:

    Wow. So clever. The pictures are great, especially the first one showing the needed materials. And I love seeing my dad’s pocket knife being used two generations on. x

    Sent from my iPad

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