How to Cut the Draft under the Door

I’ve learned that improving one thing in my house often leads to other things needing an update. In other words, an endless can of worms. This is why I usually clear a weekend before starting even the smallest project.

The draft coming from under the laundry door for example. How did it get there? Well, I’ll tell you:
The installer who put in the great new tile, to make all the floors in our bathrooms and laundry room match and look uber modern, took out the threshold to accommodate his job.

I didn’t realize that he didn’t put it back until he was on his way and could care less. So, after multiple trips to the hardware store to find the right product that was just the right height, I have success.
There’s a surprising amount of thresholds to choose from. Gold ones, silver ones, narrow ones, fat ones, 1/4″, 3/4″ it goes on.
So don’t be discouraged if you have to keep going back. I think I made 3 or 4 trips. What you’ll need:


I also used liquid nails instead of nails to secure the metal track. (An old threshold was under the one that was removed. I left it, since I am guessing it’s raising the floor to accommodate a modern height product. However, since it’s metal, this makes it harder to secure the new piece with nails. One tool I do not own is a nail gun. Shucks!

Actually, after thought…I think my staple gun converts!
1. Measure the width of the threshold and mark the metal. Double check!
2. Use a hacksaw to cut metal to custom length



3. Use scissors to cut rubber cover
4. Dry fit into place and make sure door opens and shuts properly
5. Nail new piece in place
6. Run rubber cover onto track

Voila! Energy bill is automatically cheaper and my resale value is not knocked down by little fix its. A lot of even tiny jobs can add up to a potential buyer as a dumpy house. Don’t let these turn into a request for repairs or requested credits by the buyer. But that’s a topic for another post.




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