Guest Bathroom Before and After

Ever wonder if only some tiles can be removed?
My guest bathroom had this blue trim tile with checkerboard theme in the shower. This may have looked great back in 80’s?, but this tile & pattern made it impossible for me to blend this room into the overall look of my house. Not to mention buying towels! Anything I added to this bathroom just accentuated the outdated feel.

The rest of my house is in calming neutrals with a mid century twist. So I asked 3 tile professionals, “Can I remove only some tile?” They all advised against it. Doing this can crack the tile I want to keep or in the process, damage the wall behind (costly) . Basically, I was advised this attempt could open a huge can of worms and turn into a huge project.

So…I waited until I found an awesome tile guy that I trusted and who was confident he could do it. I crossed my fingers and braced myself for the worst.
Well the risk paid off 300%! I am so happy I did it. I love my new modern tile. I love the flexibility the white tile gives me to decorate with a giant Thomas Oliver octopus shower current.






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