How to Cut the Draft under the Door

I’ve learned that improving one thing in my house often leads to other things needing an update. In other words, an endless can of worms. This is why I usually clear a weekend before starting even the smallest project. The draft coming from under the laundry door for example. How did it get there? Well, […]

Before and After my Bathroom

Before and after. I can’t believe I lived with that bathroom for so long. I think it was over 2 years after we moved in and I still have to remove the old gross shower door for a new one. But the new look makes this little bathroom look glamorous while really increasing resell value. […]

Real Estate for Girls

I’m hosting a Meetup with Real Estate for Girls What you’ll learn in just an hour!–> How do I start my search & what happens next? In a relaxed setting where every question is welcomed and answered by Carrie & Christine.

Guest Bathroom Before and After

Ever wonder if only some tiles can be removed? My guest bathroom had this blue trim tile with checkerboard theme in the shower. This may have looked great back in 80’s?, but this tile & pattern made it impossible for me to blend this room into the overall look of my house. Not to mention […]