Before & After Black and White Inspiration


Before & After

The taupe chairs were…well, taupe. Some things are great in taupe but this pair of mid century chairs is not one of them. The buffalo check & unicorn covers are the novelty in an otherwise all grey and white room.
I was inspired by Jonathan Adler’s wild sense of pattern mixing and my ongoing adventure in adding black to every room. See my living room with Victorian couch reincarnated in ultra mod fabric.


Hotels & Bedding


Quirkiness & Pets


Fashion & Rock n Roll


Polka Dots & my Vintage Birthday Dress


Elvis, my Couch Fabric & Me


Doors & Peacock Feathers

Black and white inspiration is everywhere once you start looking for it. My little cat, Pepper, is proof of that every morning since she’s usually the first thing I see. I hope my house inspires you to tackle your own DIY. Try new things and new new colors.

Live. Love. Real Estate
Carrie Diaz is a Los Angeles realtor who has an eye for the best real estate. She is an LA native who specializes in a fully catered and custom experience for every client.
She is part of a local team of experts with decades of experience in NELA, Burbank, LosFeliz, SilverLake, TolucaLake, EagleRock, Atwater, and Hollywood.


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