Bobs Big Boy Burbank

Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank was a surprise stop on our walk…that’s one bonus of living in Burbank. A larger than life landmark like the Bob’s Big Boy statue can be a surprise bonus on the treasure map you make with your son one day.

Don’t you draw treasure maps? One can get pretty creative while thinking of how to keep a toddler entertained on a summer day. What to do? Why draw a map and follow it of course! So that’s what we did that day. I turned an every day activity, like a stroller walk, into an adventure that we both still remember 2 years later. I drew a rough map of the main streets by our house and put some stops along the way for a pastry, a chance to cross a bridge, and the post office too to mail a letter.


That’s us referring to the map to make sure we’re heading in the right direction, the direction of the giant banana nut muffin! * See below for said muffin* on the map. Approaching every stop was really thrilling for him and much anticipated. Take advantage of the unique teachable moments that pop up from this adventure. For us we learned about a what a bridge does and how to mail a letter.
Your child will learn some great navigating skills too as they take on the task of mommy’s little navigator from the comforts of the stroller.
This DIY kid’s activity is well worth the price of a pastry. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and a highlighter helps to trace the way. The rest is up to your imagination. My little guy got to go on an adventure with a “real” map and I snuck in the post office to see some mail off. We even managed to get a coffee break in there too! That’s a lot to accomplish with one little walk. So enjoy the idea and share your spur of the moment mom ideas that have worked for you.

Carrie Diaz is a mom & Los Angeles realtor who has an eye for the best real estate. She is an LA native who specializes in a fully catered and custom experience for every client.
She is part of a local team of experts, VonKeith Properties, with decades of experience in Burbank, LosFeliz, SilverLake, TolucaLake, EagleRock, Atwater, and Hollywood.



  1. Sandra Jordan says:

    Carrie, that post with pictures is adorable!!!! When I looked at that map I thought embroidered pillow. Also, I have a Clyde scrapbook with pockets for realia. I could put a photo copy of the treasure map in the book. The map itself is a treasure. And a great memory. xxxx

    Sent from my iPad

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