How to Tile – DIY Mosaic in my Bathroom

Watch me tile my bathroom wall with chocolate brown abalone mosaic tiles. Realtor Tip: To add resale value to your home, choose neutral colors & finishes. When it’s time to resell, just about any buyer will appreciate the hard work you’ve done and see themselves enjoying the upgrades you’ve made.

Tiling my own bathroom was one of the best ways I’ve added value to my house recently. My bathroom DIY project is top on my list of Before and After. If you’ve never tiled before, starting with mosaic tile is a good idea. The little tiles come on a 12″x12″ net that are easy to cut with regular scissors to customize to your space. A wet saw is not usually required unless you need to cut the little tiles in half. Sometimes you can use tile scissors for that instead.

I tiled the entire wall behind the vanity and choose to accent the wall behind the toilet with tile from floor to ceiling. Taking advantage of this narrow space adds height to the small room and an unexpected designer touch. The tile and tools are from The Home Depot.

Here are some helpful tile hints I wish someone had told me before I started:

1. Always, always wear gloves-the grout and adhesive are brutal on your hands.
2. Always clean up every surface and spill as you go-so much harder to clean after it dries and it dries quickly.
3. Wide painters/masking tape really helps with clean up of your edges and keeping the grout lines straight around the outer edge
4. Allow for 2 or 3x more time than you think it will take. The grouting takes the most time.
5. Mix the grout in batches so you still have more for the next day/s when your DIY takes more than just the first day! 🙂
6. Buy at least 10% more tile than you need for goofs and changes along the way. You can always return the extra.

Enjoy watching your space become beautiful! Let me know how it goes and ask any questions you have.


Carrie Diaz is a mom & Los Angeles realtor who has an eye for the best real estate. She is an LA native who specializes in a fully catered and custom experience for every client.
She is part of a local team of experts, VonKeith Properties, with decades of experience in Burbank, LosFeliz, SilverLake, TolucaLake, EagleRock, Atwater, and Hollywood.


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