Monets Garden


I still dream of returning to Paris. I need to see Versailles in Spring, seeing those gardens all covered up in winter is not as impressive.  Although, it is an unusual sight not everyone has seen.  To avoid landing in front of a CLOSED sign, I usually try to make detailed travel plans to take full advantage of every sight & every shop.   Happenstance would have it that Monet’s Garden is another place I sadly missed at it’s best. Closed up and not taking visitors in March is how I happened onto where the French artist spent his life. From these photos you can still see the beauty that inspired him every day. On a cold day in early Spring, the gardens are deserted and quiet, full of peaceful foggy snapshots. (My IPhone case adds a touch of pink! Sorry about that.)

If I can’t travel to Paris, at least I have my photos to take me close by on any afternoon. Enjoy.

If you keep walking on the street past Monet’s garden and past Monet’s house towards the main road, you will come to this church and these steps to the cemetery where Monet is buried on your right. Keep walking through the little town. Pick up a local booklet of all the local French country real estate for sale from one of the wire bins along the walk. Oh! how it seems nice and charming to live in a farmhouse in the French countryside. I scan the lists and photos and wonder what I could live without and what I would gain by trading my Los Angeles life for one of these little places. I scan around me, fields, fog, not too much else…




Carrie Diaz is a Los Angeles realtor who has an eye for the best real estate. She is an LA native who specializes in a fully catered and custom experience for every client.
She is part of a local team of experts, VonKeith Properties, with decades of experience in Burbank, LosFeliz, SilverLake, TolucaLake, EagleRock, Atwater, and Hollywood.


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