How to Spray Paint Silver Chair


Watch this quick video for tips on how to transform an old chair into silver beauty.

The Spray Grip tool from Rustoleum is an easy way to take the work out of any spray paint project. I’m very excited to get this DIY chair project going. This chair had to be salvaged by my upholsterer. Actually, he didn’t even think it was worth the work to fix it. The frame needed to be taken apart and re-glued back together. It was so wobbly, from being left outdoors in all kinds of weather and chewed on by big junk yard dogs, that I couldn’t even sit in it.

I’m not kidding! This poor chair had seen better days. But I knew I had to save it. I never see high back chairs with a back this high. The different areas for upholstery are perfect for a patchwork chair inspiration. This will be a chair worthy of a Mad Hatter Tea Party, or just my home office! So I’m off to stop by the upholsterer, Elegant Designs on Magnolia in Burbank. Ask for Ed or Sergio and tell them I sent you. Now all I need to do is finish my home office so when the chair is finished it will have a place to fit in. Time for a home office inspiration blog post…





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