Beach House Decor Ideas

Taking a break for me this summer means lots of home
DIY. These are my beginnings to a beach guest room I have the pleasure of decorating. Here are my tips on how to decorate a guest room:
5 tips
1. Keep it comfortable.
Choose soft bedding & calming colors that sooth both you and your guests. My best paint chip tip is to choose the color one or two shades below your first instinct.

Pillows on Etsy
NellGleason for union jack $68
Butterflyabove for beach $32
SawdustMarket for starfish $18.50
FannyElizabethDesign for blue beach $25
Owl World Market $25


Better Shelter in Atwater top 2

2. De-clutter.
Choose furniture that doesn't tempt you to pile unused objects. Cubbies & shelves are cute until they're full of catch-alls that belong stashed away.

3. Multi-task
DO make the most of space with furniture that works while your guests are away. Containers & cupboards look organized while meeting extra storage needs.

Home Goods, HomeDecorators,

4. One of the family
A guest is the best audience for your family tree. Heirlooms & portraits stay popular every time a new guests about that old school handle bar mustached gentleman!

Bottom left is my cutie pie Grandparents!

5. Have fun
There’s no better place to be adventurous with style than in the spare room. Try your secret obsession with wallpaper here or find a perfect display space for your collection of teacups that are hidden in storage.

20120817-162445.jpg<;;;br /



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