Favorite Friday- Downtown LA for Fabric

Downtown LA is know for many things, one of them being the huge selection of inexpensive fabric & trim. Every DIY-er, designer, and upholsterer’s dream resource is exactly between Maple & Wall St. On 9th.

Like so many mornings before this one, I venture off the 110 freeway, darting between 10am traffic until parked in my favorite lot on the frantic corner of Wall street.
My mission is to find fabric for my chair project. (I’m holding out on sharing those photos until I have an “after” photo!)It’ll be worth the wait.

Your first trip can be overwhelming, actually, every trip can be. For me it’s like a kid in a candy store, a cheetah let loose in the wild. I know exactly what to do and I file right into the bolts and bustle with ease. I’ve sharpened my negotiating skills to a fine skill down here. Each vendor is a new chance to practice and there’s really no end to the hole in the wall shops hawking beautiful prints & polka dotted sheers.
I didn’t find the metallic alligator vinyl I am hunting for, but I found plenty of bauble trim to inspire all manner of DIY projects to come.


Rainbow charms for my chandelier

Take your pick

Trim for my bedroom curtains

Polka dots!

New rug for my office

My friend Sophia-the fabric princess



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