DIY-how to brighten a room My Foyer Pt II

Today’s project-go from beige to white with hopes of brightening my room and creating a crisp contrast to the grey wall I painted last week. More on that here.
Why paint such a small difference in color? Will it make a difference? Well when I bought my current house it had been freshly painted beige. I thought it was close enough to white and why bother repainting? Let’s see if it makes a difference.
It’s 11am let the painting begin!






Grey-t! About 6 hours later one more grey wall & 2 white ones. I got braver and went for more grey. Now just have to paint the door black & hang curtains.

Now the wood table and floor really pop. Before everything just looked drab. I’m glad I went for the white. I left the window wall for last to decide last minute if I could brave more grey. I went for it and I’m really happy with how it turned out.
This room is slowly going from drab catch-all to sophisticated lounge. Even if it is one weekend at a time-it’s so worth it.






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